Flannel Friday: Do Lions Live on Lily Pads?

Happy Flannel Friday!  Check out all of the amazing creations from this week’s Round Up by clicking here.  New to Flannel Friday and want to learn more?  Check out the blog and see what we’re all about!  Don’t see what you need in this week’s round up?  Check out our Pinterest boards!

Today I’m so excited to share one of my favorite books-turned-into- flannel:

do lions live on lily pads

This is such a fun story with super cute illustrations about where animals live!  It’s a great introduction to habitats.  The repetition and silliness makes it a great toddler read.  Unfortunately, the book is a tad small, and it’s out of print… making it a perfect flannel candidate!


Here’s how it goes:

Is this the nest of a goat?

No, it belongs to a bird.

Do crocodiles live in shells?

No, but snails do…

Do elephants live in houses?

No, but families do!


Credit: Do Lions Live on Lily Pads by Melanie Walsh

Do Lions Live on Lily Pad Felt Pieces

You get the idea.  I used mostly illustrations from the book, but added a verse at the end because I really wanted to use this flannel for my Families themed storytimes this week.  🙂

This was a HUGE hit with my toddler crowd.  They loved yelling “NO!” when I put silly animal/home combinations on the board and telling me who the right animals were.  I asked why elephants do not live in houses (they don’t fit, duh Ms. Jessica!) and we talked about who lives in our houses in our families.

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Flannel Friday Round Up for September 15th


Welcome to this week’s placeholder for the September 15th Flannel Friday Round Up!  We’ve got quite the collection of fabulous creations this week, starting with…

Gnomes 01Heather’s absolutely adorable crew of gnomes and equally amazing songs at Lady Librarian’s Literacy, Lifestyle and Lookbook Blog!  Never once have I thought of doing a gnome theme, but now I’m thinking I must at least incorporate them into a garden storytime.  Thanks Heather!

color-farm-2Just in time for my upcoming farm and math themes in October, Erin at Falling Flannelboards is sharing a Color Farm flannel.  I love this idea for practicing print and shape awareness!  Welcome back to Flannel Friday Erin!  Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!




Speaking of upcoming themes, Wendy at Flannel Board Fun has got a great Halloween-themed Frankenstein face to share.  What a flexible set- you could build Frankie’s face together with a small group, have fun with putting the parts in the wrong places if you have a large group, or let the kiddos explore at a flannelboard center.  Thanks Wendy!



Keith at Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime is publicly proclaiming his love for Jane Cabrera this week (which I’m sure we all share!) and sharing I’m a Little Teapot!  I never knew there was a second verse before to this well-loved nursery rhyme, did you?  Head on over to Keith’s blog to find out what it is!


IMG_20170915_145812Bridget over at What is Bridget Reading has a gem of a flannel to share with us this week (lame pun intended)!  I’m always looking for more pirate ideas.  This guessing game looks like a super fun way to practice number recognition while helping duck find her lost treasure!

2015-10-06 11.55.56Speaking of games Laura at One for the Books is sharing 16 pairs of matching mittens!  She used this flannel in a fun storytime all about getting dressed.  I can’t wait to try out the Ravioli song!


blogger-image--2036562928We’ve also got some bookish flannels this week!  Anna over at Future Librarian Superhero is sharing A Good Day for a Hat by T. Nat Fuller and showing off her freehand skills.  (Seriously, Anna?!  That’s amazing!)  Speaking of amazing, have you checked out Anna’s project over at Everyday Diversity?  What a great resource for finding inclusive storytime titles!




Lastly, I’ve got a bookish flannel to share as well.  Do Lions Live on Lily Pads? by Melanie Walsh makes a great flannel for the toddler crowd!  Kids just love to tell grown-ups no, don’t they?


Thanks everyone for contributing this week!  Be on the lookout for more fun flannels next week with Lisa at Libraryland.  Have a great weekend!

New or looking to learn more about Flannel Friday?  Click here!

Need inspiration?  Peruse the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards!

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Storytime Spotlight: Fingers & Feet (All About Me) at Toddler Time

I’m excited to share a new storytime plan today!  Since starting at my new library system, my routine has definitely changed.  Firstly, I’m adapting to the smaller crowd sizes.  I’m also adjusting to new families and their storytime traditions.  It’s been a very fun journey full of support from my new colleagues and many awesome learning moments!

Without further ado, here’s how Toddler Storytime shook out:

Welcome & Set Expectations

  • Good morning everyone!  Thank you so much for coming to Toddler Storytime for 2’s and 3’s.  My name is Miss Jessica, and there are 2 things I’m going to ask for your help with today to make sure we have a great storytime!
  • Can you show me 1?  Number one is that I ask everyone in the room, especially grown-ups, participate as much as you are able!  You are your child’s first and best teachers, so please help role model storytime behavior as much as you can.
  • Can you show me number 2?  In storytime we are going to sing and dance and move and groove!  BUT the second thing I ask is that you please help your moving grooving little one stay back from the board so that everyone can see and so that I don’t step on any toes.  Thank you!

Sing: Wake Up Toes by Joanie Bartels

Fingerplay: Dance Your Fingers

Read: My Nose, Your Nose by Melanie Walsh

This book always goes over so well!  It’s one of my all-time favorite storytime reads.  The toddlers loved showing me their noses and legs and sharing, “I have blue eyes!” Even when they didn’t.  🙂

Early Literacy Tip: Grown-ups, I love this book because when we talk about things are same and different with our children, we’re helping build their visual discrimination skills.  Noticing how things are same and different now will help your child later on recognize different letter shapes and track print while reading!


Flannel: Build a Face

Sing: Sneeze Game by Kimbo Educational (with some fun additions!)

You see with your eyes, touch your eyes.

You sneeze with your nose, touch your nose.


You hear with your ears, touch your ears.

You kiss with your lips, kiss me here.

We added a fun verse I invented at the end, which goes:

You clap with your hands, clap your hands.

You tap with your feet, tap your feet.

You nod with your head, nod your head.

You’ve had a busy day, go to bed…

(pretend to sleep)


The toddlers had so much fun pretending to be asleep and then jumping awake, we had to do this three times (and they still wanted more!)  Alas, it was time to move on.

Transition: If You’re Ready for a Story

Read: Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault

We were still quite wiggly after this one, so I decided it was time to bring out the shakers.  All that reading and singing and dancing made me hungry, so let’s make a…

Sing: Milkshake (w/shakers)

Learning Through Play

What a fun morning!  All About Me has got to be one of my absolute favorite storytime themes.  There’s just so many great (and diverse) books to read and act out.

What are your favorite toddler titles and tunes for little fingers and feet?  I would love to hear!  🙂

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Flannel Friday: Build a Face


Happy Flannel Friday, and many thanks to Laura for hosting at One for the Books!  To learn more about the awesome-ness that is Flannel Friday, check out the blog.

I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t posted since March!  I’m really looking forward to graduating in January so I can do stuff I like to do on a regular basis… like read… make fun flannels… blog about said flannels… *ahem*

Anyways, this flannel was a hit with both my toddler and my family crowds during storytimes last week!  With toddlers, I asked them what each body part was called and then proceeded to put it in the wrong spot, naturally.  “What?!  Your ears don’t go on top of your head?  Show me where they go!  What?  Your hands don’t come out of your ears?  Are you sure?  Where are your hands?  What do you mean your nose doesn’t go in between your eyes?  Does it go above or below?”  So on and so forth.  This was such a fun flannel to encouraging talking and using directional vocabulary, and the toddlers loved playing with it after storytime!

For my older kiddos, I had them help me finish the end of each rhyme and, once again, put body parts in the wrong places.  After we built our friend correctly we took the pieces down and did the rhyme again the whole way through (putting pieces in the right place this time!)  Here it goes:

Here are my eyes,

I use them to see.

Here is my nose,

Does something stink?

Here are my ears,

One for each side.

Here is my mouth,

I can open it wide!

Here are my hands,

I use them to clap.

I use them to wave.

Then they go in my lap!


Credit: original

Have a great weekend all!  🙂

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Flannel Friday Guest Post: Ouch!

I’m pleased to guest post for Krystal today, who is sharing her first ever flannel!  I couldn’t believe she drew this beautiful set totally by freehand-talk about talent!


If you thought of Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell when you saw this set, you’re right!  I’ve always wanted to make this adorable book into a flannel, so I was glad when Krystal shared how well this went over with her preschool crowd.  Originally she was going to have each child bring a piece of the story to the board, but she had record-breaking attendance (a good problem to have, right?!)

If you’re not familiar with this story, Hedgehog is busy building a nest for winter when objects keep falling from the sky and getting stuck on her quills.  It’s a great story that I like to read along with forest friends or hibernation themed storytimes.

Thanks again Krystal!

You can check out the rest of this week’s Flannel Friday Round Up by clicking here.

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Storytime Spotlight: Let’s Hop in a Box

Many thanks to my fabulous coworker and friend Tanya Prax for putting together such a fun storytime this week and letting me share it!  My only tweak was sneaking in a few extra flannels and swapping my usual weekly hat out for a box.  🙂

Here’s how it went with the toddlers…

Theme Introduction:

  • I wore a big box on my head for my hat.  First it was turned around the wrong way, so I couldn’t fit through the door (which made all the littles laugh).  Then when I finally made it through the door and asked them if they liked my hat, they told me it was NOT a hat, it was a box!  I said “That’s the wonderful thing about a box!  It can be a hat… or a boat…” and I took the box off my head and sat down in it and pretended to row… at which point my big butt broke the box.  Whoops.  🙂

Welcome/Opening Songs:

  • If You’re Happy & You Know It
  • Shake My Sillies Out

ABC Routine: Letter I

Fun Fact: Play

Playing helps children’s brains grow and develop in so many ways!  When we pretend and act out stories, we’re using problem-solving skills and it prepares us to write stories of our own someday.  That’s why I love our first book- it’s a super fun book to read first and then play together!

Transition: Dance Your Fingers

Book #1: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

This book went over pretty well with the crowd.  They liked naming the different objects that the box became.

Scarf Song: Turn Around by Sue Schnitzer

They loved this song so much we had to do it two times in a row (and we could have gone for three, but I was pretty dizzy by then!)

Transition: Stretch to the Window

Flannel: Here is a Box

Here is a Box

Here is a Box

Here is a box where something is hid
I wonder whatever is under the lid?
Let’s listen for a shout
And see who comes out!

(make animal noises and have kids guess who is in the box before opening)


Credit: Anne’s Library Life

Pattern: Clip art courtesy of My Cute Graphics

Book #2: Sitting in My Box by Dee Lillegard

I had a fair amount of older kiddos mixed with my toddlers in the crowd, so I pulled one of the preschool books and I’m so glad I did- it was a huge hit!  The repetition, rhyming and knocking make this an awesome read.  I think it would make a pretty fun flannel, too.

Book #3: Birthday Box by Leslie Patricelli

Not as fun as the first two, but it was still a pretty solid read.

Craft: Shape Art

I love the open-end aspect of this craft.  The kiddos got so creative and made houses, rockets, cars, trains and so on with the different shapes we had available.  Here’s my snake.  🙂


This was such a fun theme!  I just love how well it lends itself to encouraging imagination and creativity.  I was a little worried that it might be too abstract for my toddlers, but they seemed to catch on quickly and really enjoy it.

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have a great weekend ahead!

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Flannel Friday: My Lunch Box

This is another fun guessing game that you could do with a lunch box and food props or with this flannel set!  It goes great with a box or food/lunch storytime theme.

I got the idea from an awesome old book/CD set from Creative Teaching Press: Fall Phonemic Awareness.  Unfortunately it’s no longer in print.  I’ve included the original song version.  The second is my own spin on the lyrics.

my lunch box.gif

My Lunch Box (Version 1)

To the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with sand- and ends with -witch
A sandwich- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which drink is my favorite?
It starts with mmm- and ends with -ilk
My milk- now I’ll drink it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with ch- and ends with –ips
Some chips- now I’ll eat them!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with cook-and ends with –ees
Some cookies- now I’ll eat them!

My Lunch Box (Version 2)

To the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s made of bread and a peanut butter jelly spread…
A sandwich- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s yellow and long and eventually turns brown
A banana- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
They’re yellow and crunchy and oh so salty…
My chips- now I’ll eat them!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which drink is my favorite?
It’s white and smooth and good for you…
My milk- now I’ll drink it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s round and brown and the last thing to go down…
A cookie- now I’ll eat it!


Credit: inspired by Kimberly Jordano, Fall Phonemic Awareness Songs & Rhymes

Pattern: available here, clipart from My Cute Graphics

Don’t forget to check out the other fun flannels at this week’s round up!  The Flannel Friday blogFacebook page, or Pinerest page are also great resources.  🙂

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