Storytime Spotlight: Puppies & Parks (Family Time)

Woke up to cold and freshly fallen snow! It's a perfect morning to drink hot tea and remember warmer summer storytimes. I LOVE this theme because it's so rooted in kids' everyday experiences. They bring a lot of background knowledge to the table when it comes to parks and playing outside! Welcome & Set Expectations… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Puppies & Parks (Family Time)


Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch

Interrupting my nostalgic summer storytime blog posts to bring you a fun fall flannel - PLUS a template! I've learned a lot this year about early math and have been working hard to include more opportunities for math talk in my storytimes. This means making flannels with specific variation in mind - e.g. size, length,… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch

Storytime Spotlight: Sand & Sea (Toddler Time)

We had our first snow this week, but I'm still dreaming of fun summer storytimes! Here's the last installment of our fun in the sun:     Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing: Hands are Clapping Prop Talk: UnPack a Beach Bag I reached inside my bag for our first book and pulled out... sunglasses! "What… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Sand & Sea (Toddler Time)

Storytime Spotlight: The Big Blue Sea (Family Time)

Still playing catch up with my favorite fun summer storytimes! Led my first ever beach-themed storytimes in July and they were a BLAST. Here's a plan that worked really well with my mixed-age Family Crowd. I had a lot of preschoolers this time, so my activities skewed slightly higher:   Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing:… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: The Big Blue Sea (Family Time)

Storytime Spotlight: Ocean (Baby Time)

After an embarrassingly long hiatus, here's the storytime plan I used with my last Flannel Friday ocean post... in July... yikes! This was such a fun day and one of my first times using the parachute with babies. They loved it!   *Sing: Good Morning to You Welcome & Set Expectations *Rhyme: This is Big,… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Ocean (Baby Time)

2018 Mid-Year Round Up: Social Emotional Stories

What’s the latest and greatest and not so good in 2018 stories that encourage empathy and conversation about feelings? Read on to find out! Did I miss a great book? Have you tried one of these titles yet? Was it a smashing success or a flop? Please share! Please note I'm leaving out a horde… Continue reading 2018 Mid-Year Round Up: Social Emotional Stories