Flannel Friday: 5 Little Cowpokes

Happy Flannel Friday y'all!  This fun counting song was a blast with my toddlers the last time I used it during storytime- I can't wait to sing it again come January and the Western Stock Show!  It goes a little something like this: 5 Little Cowpokes to the tune of "5 Little Ducks" 5 little… Continue reading Flannel Friday: 5 Little Cowpokes


Flannel Friday: Baby Rattlesnake’s First Rattle

I love using folk and traditional tales for flannel sets!  Something about them just grabs and holds my crowd like no other kind of story can do.  "Baby Rattlesnake's First Rattle" is a wonderfully engaging Pawnee tale with lots of repetition and humor.  It follows the story of a young snake who is told by everyone… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Baby Rattlesnake’s First Rattle