Flannel Friday: 5 Little Cowpokes

5 little cowpokes

Happy Flannel Friday y’all!  This fun counting song was a blast with my toddlers the last time I used it during storytime- I can’t wait to sing it again come January and the Western Stock Show!  It goes a little something like this:

5 Little Cowpokes

to the tune of “5 Little Ducks”

5 little cowpokes riding to the store (bounce while pretending to hold reigns)

1 stepped on a cactus – OUCH (grab toe) and then were 4!

4 little cowpokes racing to the tree (bounce faster)

1 stepped on a cactus – OUCH (grab toe) and then were 3!

3 little cowpokes riding under the sky so blue (bounce normal)

1 stepped on a cactus – OUCH (grab toe) and then were 2!

2 little cowpokes racing under the sun (bounce faster)

1 stepped on a cactus – OUCH (grab toe) and then was 1!

1 little cowpoke riding all alone (bounce slowly)

So he turned right around and he rode on home.


Credit: Myself!  I thought of this little diddy in the shower the night before storytime.  I don’t know about you, but I do my best songwriting in the shower.  🙂

Pattern: I used FREE super cute online clip art from Laura at My Cute Graphics.  Thanks a ton Laura!

Happy Flannel Friday y’all!  The rest of the Round Up can be found right here at Storytime in the Stacks.  Have a great weekend!


About Jessica F

I'm a former teacher turned library lady! These days I tutor, blog, sing in storytime (okay all the time), read books, drink excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and go to grad school.
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One Response to Flannel Friday: 5 Little Cowpokes

  1. kdr4xmom says:

    LOVE it! yes, I get my best ideas in the shower…and while driving/riding in the car. The cowpoke song is adorable!!


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