Flannel Friday: Baby Rattlesnake’s First Rattle

baby rattlesnake's first rattle.gif

I love using folk and traditional tales for flannel sets!  Something about them just grabs and holds my crowd like no other kind of story can do.  “Baby Rattlesnake’s First Rattle” is a wonderfully engaging Pawnee tale with lots of repetition and humor.  It follows the story of a young snake who is told by everyone he’s too young for a rattle- except for Grandpa.  One he gets his rattle he of course causes mischief, hiding behind rocks and jumping out to scare passerby, until the day he meets his match in the chief’s daughter.

I had the audience help me with lots of the sounds in this one.  We previewed the actions and noises beforehand (e.g. “In this story, we’re going to meet a rabbit.  How do rabbits move?  They hop hop hop.  We’re going to have to hide very quietly.  Show me how quiet you can be!” etc.)  We also practiced shaking our shakers when I said the words “chhh chhh chhh.”  I’ve found previewing the expected participation beforehand really helps, that way the kiddos know what to expect and the caretakers know how they can be supportive.

I based my text off the tale as found in Margaret Read MacDonald’s Shake It Up Tales, but I’ll probably re-do my flannel set based on the gorgeous illustrations in this picture book adaptation of Baby Rattlesnake.

Happy Flannel Friday y’all!  The rest of the Round Up can be found right here at Storytime in the Stacks.  Have a great weekend!


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