What I’ve Learned about Toddlers

Last week I had the pleasure of being observed during toddler story time by a new staff member.  We had a wonderful time together!  I couldn't help but reflect on all the things I've learned this last year that have made my toddler story times run so much more smoothly... so rather than working on… Continue reading What I’ve Learned about Toddlers


Flannel Friday: Mitten Matching Game

Aaaand I'm back with one more for Flannel Friday!  Again, thanks Mollie at What Happens in Storytime.  Can't wait to see the awesome flannels everyone else came up with this week! I've got another fun interactive flannel to share.  This one is a mitten matching game.  The kiddos in the crowd get one mitten, then I… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Mitten Matching Game

Flannel Friday: Building Mr. Snowman

Happy Flannel Friday!  Many thanks to Mollie at What Happens in Storytime for hosting this week and graciously giving us latecomers some extra time.  First full week back with grad school was a killer! Like I mentioned last week, I took a great ALSC early childhood programming webinar a few months ago and am working hard… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Building Mr. Snowman

Flannel Friday: The Veggies in the Soup

Here's my second installment of this week's soup-er Flannel Friday!    Again, many thanks to Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting this week. So I recently took a wonderful ALSC Webinar all about best practices in story time.  (Are you a member of ALSC?  You should be... they're great!)  Anyways, one of the things brought… Continue reading Flannel Friday: The Veggies in the Soup

Flannel Friday: Veggie Riddles

Happy Flannel Friday!  Many thanks to Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting this week. It's January and you know what that means... SOUP MONTH!  I had so much fun planning and delivering a soup-er themed storytime for our team this month.  I made a vegetable riddle flannel for our Preschool/Family crowd.  This flannel goes along… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Veggie Riddles