Flannel Friday Guest Post: Ouch!

I’m pleased to guest post for Krystal today, who is sharing her first ever flannel!  I couldn’t believe she drew this beautiful set totally by freehand-talk about talent!


If you thought of Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell when you saw this set, you’re right!  I’ve always wanted to make this adorable book into a flannel, so I was glad when Krystal shared how well this went over with her preschool crowd.  Originally she was going to have each child bring a piece of the story to the board, but she had record-breaking attendance (a good problem to have, right?!)

If you’re not familiar with this story, Hedgehog is busy building a nest for winter when objects keep falling from the sky and getting stuck on her quills.  It’s a great story that I like to read along with forest friends or hibernation themed storytimes.

Thanks again Krystal!

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I'm a former teacher turned library lady! These days I tutor, blog, sing in storytime (okay all the time), read books, drink excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and go to grad school.
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