Flannel Friday: Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of hat-themed books just begging to be made into flannels?! This one has been on my To-Do list ever since I saw it at Jen in the Library’s blog.  Thanks Jen for putting me onto such a fun flannel!23359850

I love this story because it can be used with many different themes: e.g. shapes, hats, food, frogs, elephants.  Frog is hopping along in his fancy hat, having a lovely day, until the wind blows… and an elephant sits on it! Will the elephant lift up his bottom? NO! Elephant thinks of different shapes that he is hungry for and refuses to move until Frog brings him a food of each shape. Eventually, Frog resorts to trickery to get his hat back.

Could you lift up your bottom

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About Jessica F

I'm a former teacher turned library lady! These days I tutor, blog, sing in storytime (okay all the time), read books, drink excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and go to grad school.
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