about me

Hi there!  I’m Jessica.  I’m a book-loving, late-night blogging former teacher turned library lady in Colorado.  I spent most of my teacher time in preschool and kindergarten.  Back then my favorite things were teaching kids to read and write, concocting elaborate dramatic play setups, connecting parents with resources and of course STORYTIME!  Then I found out there’s a whole different field that gets to do just that on a community-wide scale.  I was out.  Or in, depending on your perspective.  🙂

These days I work part-time at my lovely local library while I’m finishing my MLS with Emporia State University.  I’m also quite busy having fun with being President of our ESU Student Chapter of the ALA (SCALA), which has been a wonderful journey but is a lot of work!

By the way, the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own, not those of my employer.  It should also be noted that everyone takes turns planning and delivering storytimes at my library!  The planner for each week puts together a rough plan and resources for the storytellers to run with and make their own.  Therefore the ideas presented here are both my own and my adaptations of plans originally put together by my awesome coworkers.

When I’m not doing homework, making fun flannels or compulsively pinning, I’m either reading or hiking in the beautiful mountains with my wonderful hubby.  I still try and keep up to date with my other persona, Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder and my store on Teachers Pay Teachers, so you can always check me out in those places as well.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my grand new adventure!

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