Flannel Friday: Baby in the Tub

Aaaaand here's another fun bedtime flannel!  I like this one because there's so many different things you can do with it.  For toddlers, you can try to put silly things in the tub, like shoes or food.  They just love telling us grown-ups no!  🙂  Plus there's a lot of options for tunes.  With my… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Baby in the Tub


Flannel Friday: Yellow Star, Yellow Star

Where did December go?!  So many flannels left unmade, so many flannels I did make left unshared... Hopefully next year I'll be posting more regularly now that I'm done with grad school! I DO have some fun flannels for baby or toddler time ready to share for the last Flannel Friday Round Up of 2017. … Continue reading Flannel Friday: Yellow Star, Yellow Star

Flannel Friday: Oink, Oink, Pink Pig

Happy Flannel Friday!  I've got the Round-Up this week.  You can check out everyone's awesome creations by clicking here. This week I'm sharing another Brown Bear, Brown Bear-esque flannel with farm friends.  This is a fun one with babies or toddlers!  When I do this with babies, we say "It's Walkin Ol' Joe!" when we… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Oink, Oink, Pink Pig

Flannel Friday: Five Hungry Babies

Thanks Laura for hosting Flannel Friday this week over at Library Lalaland!  After hitting up the round up, don't forget to check out the Flannel Friday website, Pinterest, or Facebook page. This week our storytime was all about babies!  I was kind of bummed that we missed out on doing this during mother's day, but it was still a blast.… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Five Hungry Babies