Flannel Friday: Singing About Sailboats

Happy Flannel Friday (again!)  As I mentioned in my last post, I made three different flannels this week.  Although I didn’t end up using this one, I’m definitely saving it for later themes this summer.  Plus it’s super adaptable and can be used with a few different rhymes!



Here’s the first rhyme I had ready to go…

Sailing along in my little red boat,

Sailing along in my little red boat,

Sailing along in my little red boat.



Credit: Librarian Lisa’s Storytimes

Pattern: click here

And another one!

Five little sailboats out at sea,

Sailing along as fast as can be.

The wind picked up and they started to rock.

So the blue one said, “I’m going back to the dock!”

(repeat with other colors and count down, until…)

Now there’s no little sailboats out at sea.

Looks like lots of room for you and me!


Credit: original lyrics, inspired by Kidssoup

Pattern: click here

See you soon with one more installment and the full plan… and don’t forget to visit Kate at Felt Board Magic for the rest of the round-up!

Flannel Friday: 5 Little Umbrellas

flannel umbrellas

We did this fun little counting/color recognition flannel in conjunction with reading The Thingamabob by Il Sung Na (which may just be my new favorite weather picture book ever!)  Here’s how it goes:

5 umbrellas stood by the back door.

The red one went outside (say BYE! and wave) and then there were 4.

4 umbrellas pretty as can be.

The blue one went outside and then there were 3.

3 umbrellas with nothing to do.

The green one went outside and then there were 2.

2 umbrellas not having much fun.

The yellow one went outside and there was 1.

1 umbrella sad and all alone (sniffle and pretend to rub eyes).

He went to join his friends and that left none!


Credit: adapted from Jen in the Library

Pattern: available here

Stay tuned for the rest of the preschool plan on Saturday, and don’t forget to check out all the other fun flannel posts too at Felt Board Magic, our gracious host for the week!  You can also check out the Flannel Friday websitePinterest, or Facebook page!

UPDATE: Grab the whole plan here!