Flannel Friday: Five Hungry Babies

5 little babies.gif

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This week our storytime was all about babies!  I was kind of bummed that we missed out on doing this during mother’s day, but it was still a blast.  The preschoolers especially got into this little diddy- which I thought of in the shower while I was hungry for breakfast!  Here goes…

5 hungry babies rolling in the crib (roll hands)

Mama picked up one and put on his bib (pretend to put something over head)

She fed him a bottle and she patted his back (pat knees)

BURP went the baby and then took a nap! (lay hands against face)

repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1

No more hungry babies wanting to be fed.

Mama gave a sigh and tiptoed to bed (creep fingers on knees)

She crawled under the covers and she closed her eyes (lay hands against face)

She started to snore but then a baby cried- WAAAH!


Credit: Original

Pattern: click here

Hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow with the full plan!  (That is, if my mountain of grad school homework doesn’t collapse and kill me first).  Have a great weekend!