Flannel Friday Guest Post: Ouch!

I’m pleased to guest post for Krystal today, who is sharing her first ever flannel!  I couldn’t believe she drew this beautiful set totally by freehand-talk about talent!


If you thought of Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell when you saw this set, you’re right!  I’ve always wanted to make this adorable book into a flannel, so I was glad when Krystal shared how well this went over with her preschool crowd.  Originally she was going to have each child bring a piece of the story to the board, but she had record-breaking attendance (a good problem to have, right?!)

If you’re not familiar with this story, Hedgehog is busy building a nest for winter when objects keep falling from the sky and getting stuck on her quills.  It’s a great story that I like to read along with forest friends or hibernation themed storytimes.

Thanks again Krystal!

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Flannel Friday: My Lunch Box

This is another fun guessing game that you could do with a lunch box and food props or with this flannel set!  It goes great with a box or food/lunch storytime theme.

I got the idea from an awesome old book/CD set from Creative Teaching Press: Fall Phonemic Awareness.  Unfortunately it’s no longer in print.  I’ve included the original song version.  The second is my own spin on the lyrics.

my lunch box.gif

My Lunch Box (Version 1)

To the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with sand- and ends with -witch
A sandwich- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which drink is my favorite?
It starts with mmm- and ends with -ilk
My milk- now I’ll drink it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with ch- and ends with –ips
Some chips- now I’ll eat them!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It starts with cook-and ends with –ees
Some cookies- now I’ll eat them!

My Lunch Box (Version 2)

To the tune of “Yankee Doodle”

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s made of bread and a peanut butter jelly spread…
A sandwich- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s yellow and long and eventually turns brown
A banana- now I’ll eat it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
They’re yellow and crunchy and oh so salty…
My chips- now I’ll eat them!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which drink is my favorite?
It’s white and smooth and good for you…
My milk- now I’ll drink it!

My lunch box holds some yummy treats
Which food is my favorite?
It’s round and brown and the last thing to go down…
A cookie- now I’ll eat it!


Credit: inspired by Kimberly Jordano, Fall Phonemic Awareness Songs & Rhymes

Pattern: available here, clipart from My Cute Graphics

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Flannel Friday: Here is a Box

Happy Flannel Friday everyone!  This week I’ve got two fun box flannels to share.  The first comes from a great puppet rhyme that Anne shared on her blog a few years ago.  This is such a fun guessing game to play either using a flannel or with puppets and a box!

Here is a Box.gif

Here is a Box

Here is a box where something is hid
I wonder whatever is under the lid?
Let’s listen for a shout
And see who comes out!

(make animal noises and have kids guess who is in the box before opening)


Credit: Anne’s Library Life

Clip art Courtesy of My Cute Graphics

Check out how I used this flannel in a recent box-themed storytime.

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Flannel Friday Round Up for March 24th

Happy Spring everyone!  We’ve got quite the round up of ideas to share this week- hold onto your hats!


Jeni from the Biblio Files starts us off with some super cute felt My Little Ponies for the kiddos to play with when they visit the library after school.  I am so impressed by her level of detail!



Laura at One for the Books shares some super laurafun spring tic-tac-toe sets with flowers, suns, rabbits and ducks!  What a fun passive program idea!



colour-cars-2-768x432Who else LOVES Emma Garcia?!  Lindsey’s joining us from Jbrary with an awesome felt story and extension activities created by her clearly amazingly talented co-worker Kate Low.  I can’t wait to try these out the next time we have a transportation storytime!



Aren’t these boxes absolutely adorable?  Nikki from Hey There Library has even shared the pattern with us!  Plus she provides some alternative options to the traditional “Little Fox” game.




Wendy from Flannel Board Fun is joining us with two flannel sets this week!  The first is a robot set, complete with some great robot book suggestions.  I want to know how Wendy cut out such amazingly detailed little pieces!



Wendy’s second set has to be one of the cutest set of hedgehogs created in Flannel Friday history.  I love Wendy’s new take on the “Four Little Hedgehogs” counting down poem too.




I am loving Mr. Keith’s flannels and rhymes about biting lately!  His newest kawaii installment is Chicken in the Barnyard.  I can’t wait to try this one out during my next baby storytime!




Heather’s got a seriously cute space-themed “Mouse in the House” variation this week.  Check out her rhyming hiding rocket game at Lady Librarian’s Literacy, Lifestyle and Lookbook Blog!




Jennifer from Bookwings has created an amazing set of five little fireflies that ACTUALLY LIGHT UP!  I am seriously in awe of her super maker skills.




We have a guest poster this week!  Please join me in welcoming Krystal, who created this amazing flannel adaptation of Ouch! all by freehand.


Here is a Box


I also have two flannels to share this week!  Clearly some of us had boxes on the brain.  The first is a fun noisy guessing animal game called Here is a Box.


my lunch box


The second is a riddle flannel set full of yummy treats called My Lunch Box.

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Have a great weekend everyone!


Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Thank you Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for hosting the Flannel Friday Round Up this week!  If you something landed here without stopping THERE first, you’ll definitely want to go back and look at what everyone else is up to.  You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.  Happy Friday!

I’ve got another guessing game this week that goes along well with a farm, Easter, birds or baby animals theme.  Here’s Little Chick:


Little Chick

Little chick, little chick,

Where did you fly?

Is that you

Behind the yellow egg I spy?

(repeat with other colors)


Clipart: Courtesy of My Cute Graphics

I’m thinking of going back and adding other farm animals behind the other eggs for next time.  🙂  If you’d like to see how I used this flannel in storytime, visit my Baby Animal Bash post.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Flannel Friday: Birthday Cakes & Snakes!

Happy Birthday Flannel Friday!  Here’s to 5 more years of fun, new friendships and awesome flannels.  🙂  So grateful for this community!

Many thanks to Fun with Friends at Storytime for hosting this week.  As soon as I saw it was Flannel Friday’s birthday (on top of being Read Across America Day), I knew I had to celebrate with a new flannel somehow… and what better way to rhyme, practice color recognition and have fun than with a snake in the cake?!


Mr. Snake

Mr. Snake, Mr. Snake,

Are you hiding

Behind the RED cake?

(repeat with other colors)


Clip art/pattern outlines available from My Cute Graphics

I’d like to go back and add some candles to the cakes and reattach the red tongue to my poor snake… but the kiddos had a blast anyways.  🙂  I had a nice small group for outreach so they each got a chance to come up to the board and guess.

Don’t forget to visit Flannelboard Fun and see all the other awesome ideas out there.   You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.  Happy Friday!

Flannel Friday: Let’s Build a Neighborhood!

I decided to make some new flannel sets for our community flannel board.  My hope is that if we change the sets out every month, we’ll encourage more participation and the pieces will last longer.  So far the kiddos have been loving this neighborhood scene!  I spent a very enjoyable ten minutes on Wednesday listening to a story about a silly truck.  I think the little one just really enjoyed making the rescue siren noise over and over again.  As soon as I tried to take my truck out of the hospital another car would come crashing into it again!  🙂

I still want to add some trees, different building types and some people, but here’s what we have so far:


Would you like to start building your own flannel neighborhood?  Here’s a free template with tons of pieces!

Many thanks to Wendy for hosting this week’s round up at Flannel Friday!  Don’t forget to visit Flannelboard Fun and see all the other awesome ideas out there.   You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Flannel Friday: Mitten Matching Game

Aaaand I’m back with one more for Flannel Friday!  Again, thanks Mollie at What Happens in Storytime.  Can’t wait to see the awesome flannels everyone else came up with this week!

I’ve got another fun interactive flannel to share.  This one is a mitten matching game.  The kiddos in the crowd get one mitten, then I put the rest on the board and they come up in an orderly line to find their match.  Because we all know how great toddlers are at being orderly.  🙂  Alternatively, you could throw the other mittens on the floor and let them scramble around to find them, but I had some really small littles when I did this and I didn’t want them to get trampled.

Since I did this the week after Christmas I was able to get by with just basic colored mittens, but next year I’ll be adding much more fun patterned ones for a bigger crowd.


Mitten Matching Game

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.

It’s part of our game, find the one that looks the same!

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.


Credit: Miss Carole, Season Sings!,”Each Mitten Has Mate”

Flannel Friday: Building Mr. Snowman

Happy Flannel Friday!  Many thanks to Mollie at What Happens in Storytime for hosting this week and graciously giving us latecomers some extra time.  First full week back with grad school was a killer!

Like I mentioned last week, I took a great ALSC early childhood programming webinar a few months ago and am working hard to make more interactive flannels that let the audience participate more.  Here’s a snowman I made for my preschoolers to build back in December.  We oftentimes have 30+ kiddos at our storytimes, so I made a lot of extra birds.  🙂


Building Mr.Snowman

(think “I Went to Visit a Farm One Day”)

I went walking in the snow one day.

I saw a snowman along the way.

I said, “Mr. Snowman, what do you need?

He said, “Two eyes so I can see!”

Repeat with “My nose, oh pretty please

Two arms, oh pretty please

Two mittens, oh pretty please

Three buttons on my belly

Two boots upon my feet

My scarf to stay warm and cozy

My top hat to look snazzy

Some birds to keep me company!”


Credit: inspired by Miss Alison is Blogging

Flannel Friday: The Veggies in the Soup

Here’s my second installment of this week’s soup-er Flannel Friday!    Again, many thanks to Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting this week.

So I recently took a wonderful ALSC Webinar all about best practices in story time.  (Are you a member of ALSC?  You should be… they’re great!)  Anyways, one of the things brought up was the importance of flannels that encourage audience participation, especially for toddlers.  This is a tall order for my storytimes… which sometimes have more than 100 people packed in the room!  Nonetheless it’s definitely one of my priorities for the New Year.

So I fudged a bit this week… I made a flannel pot in which laminated veggie clipart could be put into.  🙂  We still had a lot of fun!

veggies in the soup.gif

The Veggies in the Soup

To the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”

First verse: The carrots go in the soup, the carrots go in the soup,

We’ll stir and stir and stir some more

When the carrots are in the soup!

(repeat with other vegetables)

Last verse: Now the soup is done, now the soup is done

We’ll eat and eat and eat some more

Now that the soup is done.



Credit: adapted from Mrs. Albanese

Pattern: I used clip art I bought years ago on Teachers Pay Teachers…