Flannel Friday: I Lost My Sock!

I loved this book as soon as I read it! It's a super silly, simple picture book that would be great for early readers. I LOVE the illustrations and Ox's last line at the end. Unfortunately, I feel it's a bit small for storytime.... which means it's a perfect candidate for flannel! I'm pretty proud… Continue reading Flannel Friday: I Lost My Sock!


Flannel Friday: Hat Hiding Games

This is a great flannel or prop game for talking with the kids and building their background knowledge! First, we take the hats out and talk about them. What color is this hat? Who wears it? Then I hide a cat or a bat inside the hat and we play a guessing game! This is… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Hat Hiding Games

Flannel Friday: Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?

Is it just me, or is there an abundance of hat-themed books just begging to be made into flannels?! This one has been on my To-Do list ever since I saw it at Jen in the Library's blog.  Thanks Jen for putting me onto such a fun flannel! I love this story because it can… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Could You Lift Up Your Bottom?