Storytime Spotlight: The Big Blue Sea (Family Time)

Still playing catch up with my favorite fun summer storytimes! Led my first ever beach-themed storytimes in July and they were a BLAST. Here's a plan that worked really well with my mixed-age Family Crowd. I had a lot of preschoolers this time, so my activities skewed slightly higher:   Welcome & Set Expectations *Sing:… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: The Big Blue Sea (Family Time)


Storytime Spotlight: Ocean (Baby Time)

After an embarrassingly long hiatus, here's the storytime plan I used with my last Flannel Friday ocean post... in July... yikes! This was such a fun day and one of my first times using the parachute with babies. They loved it!   *Sing: Good Morning to You Welcome & Set Expectations *Rhyme: This is Big,… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Ocean (Baby Time)