Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch

Interrupting my nostalgic summer storytime blog posts to bring you a fun fall flannel - PLUS a template! I've learned a lot this year about early math and have been working hard to include more opportunities for math talk in my storytimes. This means making flannels with specific variation in mind - e.g. size, length,… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch


Flannel Friday: Hat Hiding Games

This is a great flannel or prop game for talking with the kids and building their background knowledge! First, we take the hats out and talk about them. What color is this hat? Who wears it? Then I hide a cat or a bat inside the hat and we play a guessing game! This is… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Hat Hiding Games

Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Happy Flannel Friday!  On a Saturday.  Because lately, that's how I roll.  Get it?  Lately?  As in I'm late with this post?  Ha ha?  (Sorry, too many long nights doing homework!) Although I don't do holiday themes for storytimes, I do usually do a birds and or migration/hibernation themed storytime in November.  I just love… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Flannel Friday: Let’s Build a Neighborhood!

I decided to make some new flannel sets for our community flannel board.  My hope is that if we change the sets out every month, we'll encourage more participation and the pieces will last longer.  So far the kiddos have been loving this neighborhood scene!  I spent a very enjoyable ten minutes on Wednesday listening… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Let’s Build a Neighborhood!