Flannel Friday: Let’s Build a Neighborhood!

I decided to make some new flannel sets for our community flannel board.  My hope is that if we change the sets out every month, we’ll encourage more participation and the pieces will last longer.  So far the kiddos have been loving this neighborhood scene!  I spent a very enjoyable ten minutes on Wednesday listening to a story about a silly truck.  I think the little one just really enjoyed making the rescue siren noise over and over again.  As soon as I tried to take my truck out of the hospital another car would come crashing into it again!  🙂

I still want to add some trees, different building types and some people, but here’s what we have so far:


Would you like to start building your own flannel neighborhood?  Here’s a free template with tons of pieces!

Many thanks to Wendy for hosting this week’s round up at Flannel Friday!  Don’t forget to visit Flannelboard Fun and see all the other awesome ideas out there.   You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Final Flannel Friday Post: Crazy for Cars

And last but not least, I added these cute little cars and some rhymes to my transportation theme repertoire:


Here’s one fun rhyme you can do…

Driving around in my little red car,

Driving around in my little red car,

Driving around in my little red car,

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

(repeat with other colors)


Credit: Storytime Katie

Pattern: click here

And another one!

Black road, black road, what do you see?

I see a red car looking at me!

Red car, red car, what do you see?

I see a blue car looking at me!

(repeat with other colors)

Colorful cars, colorful cars, what do you see?

Children and their families, that’s what we see!


Credit: adapted from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr./Eric Carle

Pattern: click here

*Note: thinking about spicing this up next year with other things that go (e.g. blue truck, yellow copter, etc).

And there you have it!  Glad I have a little break coming up soon.  I absolutely adore story time, but I also have mountains of homework (that I tend not to do in favor of making fun flannels).  Hopefully my next week off story time duty will help me catch up!

Many thanks to Kate at Felt Board Magic for hosting this week’s round up!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Flannel Friday: My Friend Duck

Happy Friday my friends in flannel world!  Hope your summer reading is going well.  Not only are we crazy busy, but our story times have gotten even bigger too.  This week I had so much fun with one of my favorite story time themes ever- things that go!

I actually made three flannels this week (because I love this theme SO MUCH I really couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to do.  Oh, librarian problems…) This first flannel was a HUGE hit with the preschool crowd.  Many thanks to Sandy at Storytime Sparks for the fabulous idea!

my friend duck

Here’s how it goes:

My friend duck

Is hiding behind a truck.

Is my friend duck

Behind the red truck?

(repeat with other colors)

If NO:

No, that’s not duck

Behind the red truck!

That’s… (cow/horse/sheep/etc).


Credit: Storytime Sparks

Patterns: click here for trucks

farm animals from Carson-Dellosa’s Early Years Everyday Patterns, or alternates available at My Cute Graphics

Sandy has another cute rhyme for uncovering the other animals after finding duck, but we just stopped and started over when we found him.  We also patted our knees to the rhythm, which seemed to help the kiddos catch onto the rhyme faster.

Many thanks to Kate at Felt Board Magic for hosting this week’s round up!  See you in another post with some more fun flannels and with the whole story time plan.  🙂

Flannel Friday: Singing About Sailboats

Happy Flannel Friday (again!)  As I mentioned in my last post, I made three different flannels this week.  Although I didn’t end up using this one, I’m definitely saving it for later themes this summer.  Plus it’s super adaptable and can be used with a few different rhymes!



Here’s the first rhyme I had ready to go…

Sailing along in my little red boat,

Sailing along in my little red boat,

Sailing along in my little red boat.



Credit: Librarian Lisa’s Storytimes

Pattern: click here

And another one!

Five little sailboats out at sea,

Sailing along as fast as can be.

The wind picked up and they started to rock.

So the blue one said, “I’m going back to the dock!”

(repeat with other colors and count down, until…)

Now there’s no little sailboats out at sea.

Looks like lots of room for you and me!


Credit: original lyrics, inspired by Kidssoup

Pattern: click here

See you soon with one more installment and the full plan… and don’t forget to visit Kate at Felt Board Magic for the rest of the round-up!